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Click here to read David Brinkman's paper on the story behind the first John C. Calhoun Statue

Put on your 3D Red/Cyan Glasses and enjoy the following links to the related 3D images from now and then.

Part 1: 3D images: The Calhoun Monument  

Part 2: 3D images: Calhoun's Second Bank of the United States

Part 3: 3D images: The death of Calhoun and Fuller

Part 4: 3D images: The Charleston Post and Courier coverage of the Statue

Part 5: 3D images: Calhoun's Civil War Grave

Part 6: 3D images: Calhoun's 3rd Grave

Part 7: 3D images: A Place to Nullify and Bust

Part 8: 3D images: City Hall and the Calhoun Statue

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