As a way to share and inspire the love of local history, the idea of HistorySoft was born in 2010. As a liability protection for electronic devices used in a Museum indoor location positioning system (invented by David Brinkman), HistorySoft LLC was created in May of 2011. For educational purposes and appreciation of history, numerous GPS enabled smartphone apps have been created. In 2012, HistorySoft turned to archaeology and, with over 100 volunteers, found and uncovered the lost Colonial town of Granby and Fort Congaree II in Cayce, SC. In 2017, HistorySoft continues with more archaeological projects and also turns its focus back to education technology with three major Virtual Reality projects. We believe Virtual Reality is the perfect platform to bring forgotten history back to life.

For more information, select from the project categories below:

Miracles to Yesterday (The Book)
Img   History in Fully Immersive Virtual RealityImg      Automated History Tour Phone Apps
Img           Finding Granby (Archaeology)
Img  Finding Sherman's Crossing (PBS video) Img    Finding Fort Congaree II (Archaeology)
Img     Finding the Old South Carolina State
    House (Archaeology-Access required)
Img       The search for Charleston’s John C.
          Calhoun Statue (Archaeology)
             Stories of The Green Hole
   Connecting to King Richard III and the
               (DNA and Genealology)
Img    Finding Dare's Ferry Confederate Gold
                     (Access required)
          Finding Columbia's Broad River
        Bridges and Ferries (Archaeology)
Img South Carolina Historic Crossings Project
                    (access required)
             USS Lowndes (APA-154)
           Best documented WWII Ship
     The APA Film Project - The Bayfield
                    (APA-33) Archives

              Finding a de Soto Crossing